We're Moving Online for 2020!

This year we are happy to announce that the show must go on! Drink Atlantic will be coming to you live via video-conference this year. Leaders from the hospitality community will be offering their expertise on drinking better and will be free to attend every weekend from June 13th until July 5th, 2020! 


About Drink Atlantic

Drink Atlantic Cocktail Festival is a premier event celebrating and supporting the cocktail industry here in Halifax.  Our city punches above its weight in the food and beverage industry with world-class cocktails being crafted right here in beautiful Nova Scotia! Featuring bottomless educational opportunities, unfathomable experiences, and showcasing the best of Nova Scotia product and talent, Drink Atlantic brings together the drinker, the maker, and the crafter, to concoct a holistic beverage experience and entice Halifax to drink better.  Produced by the friendly folks at The Clever Barkeep.
All content is intended for those of Legal Drinking Age. 


Saturday, June 13 @ 12pm EST
TIKI: The Rise, The Fall, The Resurrection with Brother Cleve (Boston) & Shannon Mustipher (NYC)
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID: 830 3343 5952

Sunday, June 14 @ 12pm EST
Bar Manager Bootcamp [Edition #1] with Christina Veira (Toronto) and Kevin Brownlee (Vancouver)
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID: 858 1741 0567

Saturday, June 20 @ 12pm EST
The Drinkable History of the Gin & Tonic with Joe Brooke (Los Angeles) & Simon Ford (Nashville)
Zoom ID:890 1136 1967

Sunday, June 21 @ 12pm EST
Bar Manager Bootcamp [Edition #2] with Christina Veira (Toronto) and Dave Mitton (New Brunswick)
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID:851 9172 6559

Saturday, June 27 @ 12pm EST 
Rum 201: A Deeper Dive Into Rum presented by WSET 
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID: 851 9172 6559

Sunday, June 28 @ 12pm EST
Molecular Mixology @ Home with Dorothy Elizabeth (NYC)
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID: 851 9172 6559

Saturday, July 4 @ 12pm EST
Love For Local: Sparkling Wine Cocktails with Jeffrey Van Horne (HFX), Ellie Rideout (HFX), Russell Murphy (Barrelling Tide) & Bruce Ewert (L'Acadie Vineyards)
ZOOM LINK: Zoom Link Here!
Zoom ID: 854 3998 2688

Sunday, July 5 - TBA

Join us as a Drink Atlantic Deckhand in 2021

Drink Atlantic 2021 is looking for some experienced helpers to join the team and make the in-person festival even more of a success! This unique opportunity is for emerging bartenders looking to break into the food and beverage industry.

Get unparalleled access to visiting bartenders and local organizers while prioritizing your education.

Deckhand in action


Drink Atlantic schedule of events


Week 1

Saturday, June 13

Time: 12pm EST


The history starts in 1898 and continues right up until today. Brother Cleve and Shannon Mustipher will take on you an 80 minute journey through all things TIKI! From how it got its beginnings, to modern applications and some fun modern Tiki Cocktails! You don't want to miss this.

Zoom Link:

Zoom ID:830 3343 5952

Sunday, June 14

Time: 12pm EST

Bar Manager Bootcamp #1

Christina Veira & Kevin Brownlee discuss what opening post-COVID may look like for bars and restaurants. With a focus on best practises, opening safely and inclusively, as well as what opening has looked like so far in BC, this panel will help you gain some insight on what the "new normal" will look like for bars.

Zoom Link:

Zoom ID:858 1741 0567

Week 2

Saturday, June 20

Time: 12pm EST


The Drinkable History of the Gin & Tonic

Join Simon Ford and Joseph Brooke on a historical (and potable!) journey through the origins, modern history and current-day status of one of the oldest and most iconic hi-balls! We'll look at every aspect of the drink, from the discovery of cinchona bark all the way up to the realization of the spanish-style g&t. Come thirsty!

Zoom Link: Zoom Link Here!

Zoom ID: 890 1136 1967

Sunday, June 21

Time: 12pm EST

Bar Manager Bootcamp #2

Christina Veira continues discussions surrounding what opening post-COVID may look like for bars and restaurants. With a focus on best practises, opening safely and inclusively, as well as what opening has looked like so far in BC, this panel will help you gain some insight on what the "new normal" will look like for bars.

Zoom Link: Zoom Link Here!

Zoom ID: 827 9822 9685

Week 3

Saturday, June 27

Time: 12pm EST

Rum 201: a deeper dive into rum, presented by wset

In this panel-style discussion, you will have the opportunity of learning from some of Nova Scotia’s and Barbados' most celebrated distilleries and dive into their approaches to producing Rum. William Crosby from Crosby’s Molasses will introduce you to the marvel of molasses, followed a round-table discussion with Head Distiller Alex Wrathell from Compass Distillers (NS), Lynne MacKay & Pierre Guevremont from Ironworks Distillery (NS) and Raphael Grisoni from Mount Gay Rum (Barbados). These three industry leaders will be discussing the nuances of Rum production on both small and commercial scales. This seminar is jam-packed with expertise and will be moderated by Charlene Rooke, a Canadian spirits educator and drinks writer. All aboard the rum boat this Saturday, we can’t wait to see you there!

Zoom Link: Zoom Link Here!

Zoom ID: 851 9172 6559

Sunday, June 28

Time: 12pm EST

Molecular Mixology @ Home

This class with Dorothy Elizabeth (NYC) will break down modern molecular gastronomy techniques for the modern bartender. This will streamline techniques such as fat-washing, carbonation, aeration, infusions, and clarification in a simple format that will allow the viewer to recreate them at home. This class will cover the basic physics and chemistry of the techniques, troubleshooting, and how to extrapolate these home experiments to behind the bar.

Zoom Link: Zoom Link Here!

Zoom ID: 851 9172 6559

Week 4

Saturday, July 4

Time: 12pm EST

Love for Local: Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Cocktails made with sparkling wine are perfect for any occasion, fit for a celebration or enjoy at home on your patio. In this focused discussion lead by Jeffrey Van Horne you will hear from wine maker Bruce Ewert at L’Acadie Vineyards and Russell Murphy from Barreling Tide. They will share how their products are made centred around the idea of what grows together goes together. We also have the pleasure of being joined by local bartender Ellie Rideout, who will create her favourite sparkling wine cocktail and give insight on how to create your own signature sparkling wine cocktail at home.

Zoom Link: Zoom Link Here!

Zoom ID: 854 3998 2688

Sunday, June 28

Time: TBA

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    The Clever Barkeep

    Sovereign Wine & Spirits 

    Avuá Cachaça

    Ford's Gin

    Grey Goose 


    Corby's Wine & Spirits 

    Lot 40 


    Barrelling Tide Distillery

    L'Acadie Vineyards

    Ironworks Distillery

    Compass Distillery

    Crosby's Molasses 

    Mount Gay Rum

    Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails by Shannon Mustipher 




About the festival organizer​s

The Clever Barkeep was founded on a desire to entertain and provide outstanding hospitality. It was established in 2016 by Halifax-born, and nationally and internationally known bartenders Jeffrey Van Horne and Matthew Boyle.

The Clever Barkeep creates eloquent and luxurious beverage experiences, paired with individualized hospitality and warm, engaging interactions. Since it's inception, The Clever Barkeep has helped implement successful bar programs for events of all scales. Executing over 300 events since 2016, The Clever Barkeep brings expertise to navigating the nuances of event planning and their involvement in any occasion means that guaranteed, no one will leave thirsty.  
Jon has been an avid member of the hospitality industry in Canada since 2003. A career bartender at heart, Jon started off working with wine and later moved into senior bartending positions at some of Canada’s most prestigious fine dining settings, gathering his CSS and Bar-5 Day Distinction status along the way.Driven by a clear industry desire to create free-flowing, unabated connections between brands and bartenders, Jonathan created Sovereign Canada in 2011, a by-the-bartender/sommelier for-the-bartender/sommelier liquor agency.
Jonathan is also one of the executive directors for the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association.  As their Corporate Liaison, he is always finding new initiatives to help advance the Canadian hospitality sector alongside his fellow industry colleagues.
Stéphane has been bartending in a series of bars across Canada for upwards of seven years. He is extremely keen on sharing knowledge and being involved in events that advance the hospitality. Outside of work, Stéphane is an avid rock-climber and is always chasing the next adventure.
Evan is a passionate bar professional residing in Dartmouth, NS who began his career behind the bar at an Earls in Calgary and cut his teeth with cocktails in bars such as The Middle Spoon/Noble and Lot Six, in Halifax.
Evan is now the Atlantic Territory Manager for Sovereign Canada, an independent liquor agency working to bring quality spirits to our shores.Finding his love for cocktail festivals by participating in the Cocktail Apprentice Program (CAP) in July 2019 at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, Evan has a great desire to push the drink scene in Atlantic Canada to new levels and believes Drink Atlantic is the perfect vessel to do so.
Christina was chosen as one of Imbibe Magazine’s Imbibe 75, "one of the people, places and directions that will shape the way you drink in 2019". Most recently, she curated the Bar & Beverage Pavilion at Restaurants Canada Show and Speed Rack Canada (Seasons 3 & 4) and in 2019 was selected by WSET and IWSC as one of the 50 under 40 future influencers of the global drinks industry. She has occupied every front-of-house position (and a couple in the kitchen) while pursuing certifications in wine and beer, even winning a cocktail competition here and there. When not consulting on beverage programs , her focus is on industry education, event execution and using the hospitality industry as a catalyst for community engagement and fundraising. She aims to establish her project “Side Duties” as a registered Canadian non-profit with the goal of linking the hospitality industry with local charities and initiatives that are mutually beneficial. Over the course of the last few years, she has been able to harness her skills while raising over $100k for other charities.
The Clever Barkeep
The Clever Barkeep
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Jon Smolensky
Stephane Duval
Stephane Duval
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Evan McNeil
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Christina Veira (Toronto)
Christina Veira (Toronto)